Saturday, July 01, 2017

This is my son...from Wisconsin.

It's been roughly 1,000 days since I last posted. Well, closer to 1,200. That's a lot of days. Those days have contained a steady stream of potentially life changing experiences. I suppose the highlight would be finishing my MBA in theatre, though getting a second DUI and working through my relationship with alcohol was not an insignificant part of the whole. A journey is rarely a straight line.

During the past year I have been working for the smallest of the University of Wisconsin two year colleges in Manitowoc. I have a lot I could say about Manitowoc, mostly good, and should do a post about that, but suffice it to say that landing here was more engaging than I had expected. The universe in its infinite wisdom and with its ubiquitous sense of humor has chosen to present me with the opportunity to fulfill a long held dream in the crossroads town of Tisch Mills, Wisconsin, where I will be purchasing a theatre. A theatre housed in an Inn. So I'll be here for a bit. Thus, at a recent gathering my father quipped, "This is my son, Michael, from Wisconsin."

I've been "from Minnesota" for a long time. I'm not sure I'm ready to be "from Wisconsin" but I guess that's the reality of it. Worse things could happen.

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