Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's a Text Only Day...

Katie and I are sitting in the living room getting ready to start packing.  Yoda is chasing flies.  I just returned from a final doctor visit before my health insurance explodes and I become part of that statistic of people who don't have insurance.  I'll be in some weird quasi insured land where I have free access to campus health care, which I imagine will be great as long as I don't have anything more than a cold to deal with.  I can get a major medical plan to supplement that...so I will.  Thank God for my Veba and HSA, both of which can be used to reimburse deductibles and which have about $18K in them.  You need an advanced degree to navigate healthcare in America.

The list for the week gets shorter, the pile of packed boxes gets larger, I leave for Nebraska in five days.

Oh, right, the news for the day.  I got a variety of emails from the school yesterday.  For my Graduate Assistantship I will be teaching a section of Acting for Everyone, working in the box office five hours per week and working on PR for five hours per week.  For classes, I have Theater Speech, Stage Combat, Theater Research, and Designing for Directors.  The design class is a series of courses which focus on the various design areas.  This Fall I will be doing scenic design.  I have no idea what theater research will be, other than what the title suggests.

Time to start moving furniture.  No time for reflection today.  ;-)

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