Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Macro Meditation

I can feel things starting to fall away in this weird almost meditative process.  My last couple of theater projects are wrapping up, and I'm sharing my google docs folders for a variety of projects with the folks who will be carrying those projects forward...preparatory to archiving and deleting the files from my own google drive...the house is cleaner and lighter as for the first time when we cleaned for a social event on Sunday rather than stacking files in new and more organized ways I simply threw them out...not needed anymore.  The growing list of things that are not needed and are then pushed out beyond the edges of my life into recycle, or waste, or reuse, or donation...but out of my consciousness...and little by little the number of things that are in my consciousness decreases.

It's a process in which I am still quite early.  There are still lots of folders and files and things littered about that need attention and then distribution...but for the first time when I look around in select areas of my life things are starting to look...uncluttered.  And the idea of living a simple and uncluttered path begins to take a more substantive form and to feel like something that could, in fact, occur.

For about sixty days this simplicity will be quite stark.  When I leave Lincoln on July 1st, there will be no income, just a small reserve of cash...don't spend it.  There will be no house to attend to...it will either be managed or abandoned.  Will there be a phone?  Maybe...but maybe not.  Disconnected except for those moments when the often ubiquitous wifi net settles over me.  No files...what few files I might want to keep will be in a box in Mpls along with the small pile of furniture that will follow me to Mankato.  A few essentials to facilitate camping.  My laptop, for sure, but mostly to write.  A camera.  My iPad...for reading.  Left behind waiting for the move to Mankato, a few files, some furniture, Yoda, my golf clubs.

Irrelevant details...but what I am sensing and wanting to explore is the way that on this macro level I am sensing the same kinds of cognitive experiences that go with meditative on a micro level.  Things are falling away from me in the same way that thoughts fall away when we sit in quiet reflection.  So that eventually the life that is lived is uncluttered in the way that the meditative mind is uncluttered. 

It is strange because it feels elusive and inevitable at the same time.

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