Monday, April 08, 2013

It's the Last Midnight...

Into the Woods opened last Friday; an event that marks the last opening of a show for me prior to starting grad school in the Fall.  I think it also marks the end of a period of feelings of ambivalence about the upcoming changes.  Time to be ready to roll, I think.

Time, too, to start posting on a more routine basis...which probably means that the posts will be more mundane...more of a journal than a commentary.  Not daily yet, but more frequent.

In addition to having two performances of Woods this weekend, I went and saw the final performance of How To Succeed at RAHS on Sunday.  The kids have a lot of talent and it was particularly cool to see how they had pulled this show together out of the chaos of Spring Break, Music Trips and Easter.  They had almost no rehearsal time, but it was colorful and fun and occasionally brilliant.  The student playing Wally Womper had completely doused his head in baby powder to affect age, to the extent where every time he turned his head sharply, he left a cloud of white dust behind.  It was completely hysterical...if not necessarily intentional.  By the end of the show the cast was playing it as a bit and J. B. Biggley was struggling to hold character over his laughter.

Now I need to clean the house!  Time to get it ready to lease out.  Want some stuff?  I've got stuff to spare.  It'll be fun to do.  Deep cleaning and purging. 

44 days left with Roseville.  That'll go by in a heartbeat.

What to do with Yoda (cat)?  Can't take her on the road in June, so she needs a home for about sixty days.  Maybe a facebook post will generate a temporary home.

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