Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sabbatical: Day 138

Sabbatical Update...

Doing grad school apps...schools that I am interested in...

Brown University - Prestigious and highly competitive program in Rhode Island where the MFA Directing program is affiliated with Trinity Rep.  Long shot to even get an interview, but what they's only $75.

UNLV - Would need to brush up on my poker skills.

UC San Diego -- Actually this would be a pretty cool option.  They have a well regarded program and would probably have an interesting blend of film and stage opportunities.  I mean, the program would be a stage directing program, but being on the west coast I could imagine that there would be a film influence.

University of Portland - Cool city.  This one is just a two year program, which is a mixed blessing.

Columbia - New York City is good.

Baylor - Yup.

UT Austin -- Met Richard Robichaux this Fall (who teaches there). 

Florida State - Golf

University of Hawaii -- Need I say more?

University of Iowa -- Hmmmmm....

Mankato State - Because they only admit one per year this is actually a long shot. 

Maybe others?  This is my list for now.  I might need a couple more mid-level programs. I'm in the process of collecting video footage to make a video portfolio.  Most of the rest of my materials are ready, so as soon as the video montage is done I can start sending off my apps.  I will take the GRE in December (I think).  Only a couple of programs require it.

Have reached the point where my impending absence is becoming common knowledge within the school district.  This is useful on so many fronts.  Folks are interested in where I am going and why.  Also, it puts me in a unique position to have conversations about educational practices and reforms.  Of course, it is somewhat freeing for me in regard to how I perceive the work I am doing.  I am still quite passionate about the things for which I advocate, but since I won't be here to finish any of it I can be considerably more contented about potential outcomes.  It's very zen.

At the same time, there is a growing background buzz in my soul.  It's a kind of tension related to change -- and such a large change at such a late stage in life is a recipe for lots of internal buzz.  I'm having to be extraordinarily intentional about developing patience.  This has benefits.  I found myself at rehearsal this week being aware of my tendency to push through the current moment to get to the next moment and watched as I slowed down my awareness and let the current moment percolate for a while.  It is letting me be a better director.  I have always known that I tend to push the process so that there is lots of coverage but not a lot of depth.  It's nice to be pushing into deeper places.  Of course, a show like The Street Project lends itself to that.  There is more to plumb and less to cover.

Starting to think I might not sell the townhouse.  Rental market is quite strong right now and it could be a good fit to rent the place out.

Either way I have a lot of crap to get rid of.

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