Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Voice Thread about the International Thespian Festival

This is a voice thread using some pictures from a student trip that I do every summer to the International Thespian Festival. Interestingly, I will probably use this object to help promote next year's festival.

For students, the ability to rearrange the pictures and vary the comment type provides some useful ways to think about structure. For instance, I am using a fairly straightforward chronological structure, but a student could use thematic, or some other structure that fit their purpose. By being able to simply lift and move the pictures, they are able to experiment with structure in a way that would make it easy to engage outcomes related to narrative structure and form.

Similarly, the visual aspect of the project allows concepts like tone, juxtaposition, etc. to come to the fore as well. One could also talk about tone in terms of the comments. Are you excited? Expressive? Etc. In my case, because I was recording my comments in a public lab, I was somewhat subdued in how I recorded my messages.

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