Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The video included below is a project created to learn a little about video editing. It previews my final project to the extent that it formulates some questions that I want to deal with in my final project. The project itself will be a series of videos that provide training for staff in my school district around how to implement some of the digital writing strategies that we have learned in my digital writing class. Included in the instruction will be a discussion of the impact of digital writing strategies on student agency and engagement as well as the specific state writing standards that are best served through digital writing.

I intentionally pulled a clip from the web for this, as I want to learn how to do the whole sampling thing. This particular video uses too much of the original to really be fair use, but it was useful to get the idea of how to sample. My apologies to jcmdi.com, who should get credit for the original source material over which I placed my text.

The reference to ying should be jing. :)

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Jon 5475 said...

good video, good content. Nice work! I liked the ending in particular. Has the makings of one of those "shift happens" type videos. Hope you're feeling better.